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Comfortable Antibacterial Mask - COPPER+ | 舒適抗菌口罩 - 銅纖維加强版

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符合世界卫生组织WHO对布口罩的要求,eosvita舒适抗菌口罩也做了相对应的设计。可长久使用反复清洗超过一年也不影响产品的防潑水性与抗菌性,附带UPF 50+的超强防晒功效,只有2%的紫外线会到达皮肤!

外层:防水🧵 銅纖維防潑水層 
中层:过滤🧵 TPU 100% 防水隔离层 
内层:防潮🧵 银纤维抗菌防潮层  

1. 每天用酒精噴霧消毒后自然風乾
2. 每三天用肥皂请洗,也可以每天用肥皂清洗。(建议手洗轻揉)

Ps: 「鼻子压条请做个圆弧形」
- 3D口罩附带鼻子压条只为提高防疫和降低口罩滑落的风险。


The design of eosvita Comfortable Antibacterial Mask is comply with the requirement of fabric mask by WHO - World Health Organization. Can repeatedly wash for up to 1 year without loosing the functions of water resistant & antibacterial. Come with UPF 50+ which only 2% of UV rays will reach the skin.

Outer Layer: Water Resistant --- 🧵 Copper Fiber 
Middle Layer: Filtering ---🧵 TPU - 100% Waterproof 
Inner Layer: Water Absorbent ---🧵 Silver Fiber  - Antibacterial

Recommended Washing Method:
1. Alcohol spray clean & hang for dry daily.
2. Wash it every 3 days. For more hygiene concern, please wash it everyday. (Recommended hand wash.)

ps: Please make an arc for the nose clip
- 3D design cloth mask comes with a nose clip. Nose clip is used to improve protection & prevent face mask from dropping.


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