Product Care Instruction

Wash / 洗涤

Recommended machine wash. Add on some laundry detergent with warm water (105º F/40º C) to wash. Do not use washing powder, softener, stain remover or bleach. Please wash the product independently and do not mix with other clothes as to avoid any sharp or hardness to destroy or damage eosvita product and also prevent colour bleach from other colour clothes.

建议机洗。加入少量的洗衣液,在温水挡位 (105º F/40º C)清洗。请不要使用洗衣粉,柔软剂,去污剂或漂白剂。请单独洗涤,不要将eosvita产品与其他衣服一起洗涤以避免其他衣物中的配饰等尖锐物体刮破eosvita产品也可避免染色。

Stain / 污渍

Do not use stain remover. Please soak in warm water and apply little detergent on the stain area before machine wash.


Drying / 干燥

Tumble Dry Low or let it dry naturally



Dry Clean / 干洗


Recommended home based machine wash.

The clothes that should be dry-cleaned under normal conditions.


Ironing / 熨烫

Can be ironed on low heat & do not use steamer. Apply a clothes on top of eosvita's product to iron.



Bleaching / 漂白

Do not Bleach. you should not attempt to use any kind of bleach on this garment.