Certificate & Test Report

eosvita - the best fit for human body functional fabric. We are very specific when come to the raw material, our manufacturing site in Taiwan complies with ISO Standard, our product is also justified by professional authority. We aim to provide the most proven and reliable product to improve your health,

eosvita uses the latest technology to develop its product - OXYgeniusMask to cater the consumer's need in beauty.

OXYgenius mask not only hydrate your skin, it is also the only high technology that is reliable, comfortable and convenient for your face. The mask let your skin breath, assisting its metabolism and active your skin cell. That's why it's the best reason for choosing eosvita.


eosvita - 最符合人體使用的機能性紡織品 不只是對原料的選擇有要求;生產自 臺灣的工廠也是符合 #國際標準;產品也通過專業機構的驗證。這一切只為達到最可靠和最安全,給于愛護健康與養身的你一個最好的選擇。

在創新的腳步上eosvita 以最先進的機能性紡纖概念開發 活氧能量面膜來滿足消費者全方位的需求。它除美容最基本的保濕要求外,更是全市場唯一透過高科技且舒適,安全,方便讓全臉肌膚可以深呼吸並真正可幫助新陳代謝及細胞活化的功能。這就是你選擇eosvita的最好理由。


1. ISO: 13485認證 醫療器材品質管理系統

(Quality Management System for Medical Devices)

2. ISO: 9001認證 國際品質管理系統

(International Quality Management System)

3. 無輻射檢測報告

(Test Report of no harmful radiation)

4. 专业机构检测报告 - 细菌检测报告

(Test Report from professional institute - Bacterial Test )