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Breathable Antibacterial Mask | 透氣抗菌口罩

售價 價格 RM69.00 MYR 定價 RM108.00 MYR 單價  每 



外层:防水🧵 物理性防泼水外层
中层:防水🧵 物理性防泼水中层
内层:防潮🧵 纳米科技能量内层 

1. 每天用酒精噴霧消毒后自然風乾
2. 每三天用肥皂请洗,也可以每天用肥皂清洗。(建议手洗轻揉)


The design of eosvita breathable antibacterial mask is comply with the requirement of fabric mask by WHO - World Health Organization. Just like the name of the product, this mask is designed upon the request of "Breathability", this mask will fit to the mask nicely yet breathable. It can wash repeatedly for up to 200 times until the outer layer is not longer water repellent. Its inner layer is a long lasting antibacterial material made by nano tech energy fabric.

Outer Layer: Water Repellent --- 🧵 Polyester - Splashproof
Middle Layer: Water Repellent --- 🧵 Polyester - Splashproof 
Inner Layer: Water Absorbent ---🧵 Nano Tech Fabric  - Antibacterial

Recommended Washing Method:
1. Alcohol spray clean & hang for dry daily.
2. Wash it every 3 days. For more hygiene concern, please wash it everyday. (Recommended hand wash.)

Product Introduction / 产品介绍



Mask Layering / 口罩层 



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