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OXYgenius Wrist Protector 活氧能量护腕

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活氧能量护腕 - 一件护腕,调理手腕与手掌的气血循环。结合人体科学与人体经络命脉,配合eosvita独家专利科技开发制作的《活氧能量》系列有着远红外线,负离子,锗和钛等能帮助舒缓腕隧道症状,代谢乳酸。主要功能为促进血液循环,强化手腕关节缓解疲劳,强化心脏功能,提高脑供血与供氧量。能量养身护具 - 活氧能量护腕,有了它,运动得到了保障,手腕的经络与气血的循环都被加强,达到养身保健的目的。


OXYgenius Wrist Protector is designed according to human body's science and chinese meridian lifeline. The <OXYgenius Series> integrate eosvita's patent technology, with feature or far-infrared, negative ion (Anion), germanium & Titanium. It can help to relief Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and improve the metabolism of lactic acid. Main functions include improve blood circulation, strengthen wrist joint and relieve fatigues, improve the function of heart, strengthen blood circulation & oxygen to the brain. OXYgenius Wrist Protector is best to use for any exercise and it provide protection to your wrist. It enhance the blood circulation & metabolism of wrist area and achieve a better health condition.



Nanotechnology • Far Infrared • Titanium • Germanium • Silver • Colorful Tourmaline (Click here for more detail about our Patent Technology)

奈米科技 • 远红外线 • 钛 • 锗 • 银 • 七彩碧玺 (点击这里以参考专利科技说明



Colour & Size / 颜色与尺码

Black only. Wrist Protector is sold singularly and it is Unisex Design & Free Size.



原料 / Material

Mineral Energy Fiber / 獨家礦石能量纖維 



Far Infrared - Improve metabolism | Activate Body Cell | Increase Blood Oxygenetion

Negative Ion (Anion) - Reduce Blood Viscosity | Neutralize Body PH, Reduce pain

Germanium & Titanium - Balance Human Body Electric Field | Stress Relieve | Immunity Booster

Profiled Fiber - Highly Sweat Absorbent

Nano Silver  - Anti Bacterial Factor | Deodorant Effect