Anion | Infrared

#Anion (Negative Ion) is like breathing vitamin in the air. It can help you to control your health. Anion also affect our metabolism. Human body needs 13 billion anions everyday but we only gain 1-20 billion anios in our daily life. When we breath in too much positive ion then negative ion, it changes the normal electrical flow and it disrupts the balance of autonomic nervous system. The benefits of Anion include:-
1️⃣ Enhance Immunity | Prevent Insomnia | Strengthen Cells
2️⃣ Accelerate the Basal Metabolism
3️⃣ Sedation & Activation of Body Cell
4️⃣ Lower Blood Sugar Potassium Level & Cholesterol
5️⃣ Stabilize Blood Pressure | Prevent Heart Disease
6️⃣ Activate Lymph Circulation
7️⃣ Purify blood & Balance Out Autonomic Nervous System

#Infrared act as a fertility light. People in today's era lack of exercise, it lead to decrease in metabolism and accumulates toxins in the human body. People tend to feel creates hips and back problems easily. Far Infrared could penetrate deep into human body about 5-7cm which is the central nerve system to creates heating effect within. It could fasten the blood circulation & enhence metabolism thus eliminates heavy metals and toxins within the human body. The benefits of Far Infrared include:-
1️⃣ Improve Aging & Dull Skin
2️⃣ Regulate Body Function
3️⃣ Activate Cell
4️⃣ Improve Cold Constitution
5️⃣ Solving Gynecological Problems
6️⃣ Reduce Inflammation
7️⃣ Detoxifies Metabolism

(Video from Taiwan Negative Ion Development Associaltion.)

#负离子 + #远红外线 = 双重能量 | 双重效能

#负离子 是空气的 #维生素也主宰着健康。你知道吗?
1️⃣ 增强免疫 | 2️⃣ 预防失眠 | 3️⃣ 活化细胞 | 4️⃣ 净化血液 | 5️⃣ 平衡自律神经

#远红外线 是 #生育光波,维持健康的必需能量。你知道吗?
1️⃣ 温热循环 | 2️⃣ 消炎镇痛 | 3️⃣ 代谢排毒 | 4️⃣ 调整体质